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Nasu Highland Training Institute

 Nasu Highland Training Institute was established to provide a base for the education, training, and extracurricular activities of students, staff, and faculty at the university, and the Senior High School of Music attached to the Faculty of Music. At present, graduates of Tokyo University of the Arts, former staff members, and staff and faculty from partner universities also have access to the institute.


 Surrounded by the year-round spectacular natural landscape of the scenic highland area of Nasu, the institute is conveniently located near the Minamigaoka Dairy and Kuizomeji Temple. The institute offers views of the white, smoke-covered Nasudake and Asahidake mountains, offering an ideal environment for sketching, hiking, and student association activities. The institute can accommodate up to 30 people, and in addition to its lodging rooms, contains a multi-purpose studio/research lab, music/dining hall, and library.


○ Location

213-333 Oaza Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu District, Ibaraki Prefecture.