free aerophones
Does not contain a pipe. Vibrations are produced according to the free flow of the air stream.
HS number : 412.22
free reed
Vibrations are produced by a free reed.
HS number : 412.132
end-blown flutes
The player blows into the open end at the top of a pipe.
HS number : 421.11.12
The player blows into the open end at the top of any of several pipes.
HS number : 421.111 : 421.112
transverse flutes
The player blows into a hole in the side of the pipe.
HS number : 421.121.32
duct flutes
Air is led to the flute hole from the mouth hole by means of a duct.
HS number : 421.221.11 : 421.211.12 : 421.211.12
globular flutes
Spherical shape. Contains a flute hole and finger holes but no duct.
HS number : 421.13
Vibrations are produced by several reeds.
HS number : 422.112
Vibrations are produced by one reed.
HS number : 422.212 : 422.22
Vibrations are produced by the lips.
HS number : 423.111.1

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