204 kŏmun'go

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body: paulownia,soundboard of chestnut wood; L.140.0cm
strings: 6, silk
plectrum: 1
turning example:E-A-D-B-B-B'(in court music)
the tuning for folk music is higher by a wholetone than the tuning for court music.

Also called hyŏn'gŭm and hyonhakkum. The middle three strings have kwae (fixed frets) while the outer three stings anjok (movable frets). The right end of the instrument is placed in the player's lap. Struck with a wooden or bamboo suldae (plectrum) which is held between the fingers of the right hand. Used in classical music as well as in folk music such as sanjo. The model in the archives is a folk instrument.

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