223 kanûn

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body: wood, partly with animal skin over the front face, with 3 flower-shaped soundholes; L. 92.0cm
strings: 24 courses(22 triple courses and 2 double courses), nylon
bridges: 1-3 for each string, metal
range: G-c'''

A box zither with nylon strings. Used in ensembles or as a solo instrument in classical traditions, and as an accompaniment instrument in urban popular songs. Placing the instrument on the knee, the player plucks the strings with thin plectra inserted into rings on the index finger. On the left-hand side of the top face of the resonator there are devices for making microtonal tuning adjustments during performance. The instrument's characteristic clear, resonant tone results because the bridges are placed directly on top of a membrane stretched over the right-hand side of the resonator.

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