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body: wooden body; L. 129.7cm
4 main strings (steel and brass); 3 side strings (steel)
frets: 24 brass frets
tuning: main strings: B-e-b-e', extra strings: e'-b'-e''

Also called vina. The player sits cross-legged on the floor and holds the instrument at a diagonally to the torso. On his left knee he rests and holds in place a gourd attached beneath the neck. This resonator rests on the floor, touching the player's right knee. The strings are plucked with a wire pick attached to his index and middle fingers. With the fifth finger he plucks the side strings so as to accentuate the rhythmic cycle (tala). The fingers of the left hand pull, or push and slide along the strings producing various pitches and ornaments. An imaginary animal, called a yali, is carved into the top of the neck. Used in classical Indian music.

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