256 chitrālī sitār

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Pakistan (Chitrāl)
body: wooden body; L. 109.0 cm
strings: 3 string courses (steel): the first and third are double, and the second single
frets :13 frets tied to the neck
range :ca. 2-2? octaves from c'
tuning :c' -g" -c'

The performer places the instrument on the knee, with the neck at a diagonal to his torso, and sounds the strings with the index finger of the right hand, generally using upward plucking strokes. There are five steel strings arranged in three courses; the outer ones have double strings, tuned in unison, while the inner course is single. Melody is played on the first course, while the other courses have harmonic and drone functions. sed as a solo instrument, or for accompanying song and dance.

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