275 rubāb

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body: mulberry wood; L.80.0cm
melody strings: 3, nylon;drone strings: 2, steel; sympathetic
strings: 13, steel; frets: 4, tied to the neck
plectrum: 1, wood
range: ca. 1 1/2oct. from b; tuning: b-e' -a', (drone strings) f' -c"

The boat-shaped body and short neck are carved from a single piece of wood. From the base of the body to about its mid-point, a covering of goat'hide is attached and about that the material is wooden board. Melody strings and drone strings are stretched over the bridge, and sympathetic strings pass under the bridge to tuning pegs located at the top of the side of the body. The performer sits cross-legged and holds the instrument in a horizontal plane. The strings are plucked with a small wooden plectum held in the right hand. Used in both folk and classical styles.

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