268 tār

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body: mulberry wood, with sheep foetus skin over front face; L. 91.0cm
strings: 3 double courses (2 courses of steel and a course of steelwire and brass)
frets: 23, gut, movable
range: ca. c-g"
tuning: cc' -g-c'

The body is of hollowed out wood, with sheep foetus skin stretched over the front face to form a gourd or finger-8 shape. The peg box is rectangular in shape. The word tār literally means "string" in Persian. There are three double courses of strings, tuned differently according to the mode. The instrument is held horizontally, supported on the knee. The player plucks the strings with a small plectrum held in the right hand. Tremolo technique is used a great deal. Used in classical solo and chamber ensemble styles, as well as song accompaniment.

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