400 ney

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reed pipe; L. 55.8 cm
5 fingerholes in front, 1 in back
range: ca. 2½ octaves from c

An end-blown flute. The inside of one end of the bore has been carved out so as to taper off to a sharp edge; this forms the mouthhole. One finger hole has been opened in the center of the back of the instrument, and five further holes can be found in a somewhat lower position than those on the front. Decorative patterns of birds and fish are engraved. Brass protective caps are placed around both ends of the pipe. The player holds the instrument at a slant and blows toward the edge of the mouthpiece. Another method of sound production is to put the entire mouth and blow through the teeth and the tongue. This method produces a very breathy sound. Used in classical solo and ensemble styles.

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