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276 sarod

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India (north)
wooden body, goat skin over front face, metal resonator; L. 114 cm
6 strings (2 copper, 4 steel), 2 chikari, 9 steel sympathetic resonance strings
3 bridges; 1 coconut shell plectrum
range: ca. 3 octaves from c; tuning: c'-c'-c-g-c'-f', c"-c" (chikari strings)

A skin-covered lute. The body and neck are made of one piece of wood. A fretless fingerboard is attached to the narrow section of the top of the body. A small metal resonator is attached underneath the fingerboard. Used in classical music of North India, originally in solo playing, but recently also in ensembles. The instrument in the collection is in the Ghulam Ali Khan style.

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