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Two or more rod- or board-shaped sonorous parts are atruck against each other.
HS number ; 111.11 : 111.12 : 112.111
Two or more bowl-shaped sonorous parts are struck together.
HS number ; 111.141 : 111.142
Rod-, board- or tube-shaped sonorous parts are struck with the hands or with beaters.
HS number ; 111.211 : 111.221 : 111.222
slit drums ( percussion tubes & vessels )
A sonorous object with a slit is struck with the hands or with beaters.
HS number ; 111.231
stamping tubes and sticks
A sonorous object is struck against the ground or a hard object.
HS number ; 111.232
A vessel-shaped sonorous object is struct with the hands or with breaters. A boss is the center,of vibration.
HS number ; 111.241.1 : 111.241.2
A sonorous object is struck with the bands or with beaters. A strikre ( clapper ) is suspended inside or outside the bell and moves to cause vibration. The opening of the bell is the center of vibration.
HS number ; 111.242
A sonorous object is shaken.
HS number ; 112.13 : 112.122 : 111.242.122
scraped idiophones
A sonorous object is scraped.
HS number ; 112.211
jew's harps
A sonorous object is plucked. By regulating the size of the oral cavity one lamella can produce many pitches.
HS number ; 121.21 : 121.2
mbiras(plucked idiophones)
A sonorous object is plucked. Each lamella produces one pitch.
HS number ; 122.12

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