180 yonggo (or chwago)

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body: wood; Th. 21.0cm
membranes: ox hide, Dm. 36.0cm
beaters: 2

Called yonggo when used in tae-ch'uita (royal processional music). Suspended by a cord which is placed over the player's shoulder and tied to a gold ring attached to the body of the drum. The upper drumhead is struck with two mallets. However, the two wooden beaters with the model in the archives are not used for tae-ch'uita, but rather for the drum used in p'ungmul (farmer's band music). When this instrument is used in wind ensembles or in dance accompaniment, it is called chwago. The drumhead is positioned vertically or is hung vertically on a wooden frame. The drumhead is struck with one wooden mallet.

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