236 'ūd

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body: wooden body with 3 open-worked soundholes; L. 85.7 cm
strings: 5 string courses (the 1st is single; the remainder are double. 3 nylon strings, and 2 wound copper)
plectrum: 1 plectrum of animal horn ?
range: ca. 2 oct. ; tuning: g-a-d'-g'-c"

A lute with a pear-shaped body of which a peg box is bent back from the neck at an ngle of about 40 degrees. The neck is fairly short, without frets. A number of thin ribs form the round body. A thin board forms the front surface of the body, which is extremely light considering its size. Consequently, the tone of the instrument is very resonant. The performer places the 'ud on the right knee and holds if horizontally. The strings are plucked with a light, slender plectrum held between the thumb and index finger of the right hand. Used in classical chamber ensemble styles, as a solo instrument, and for song accompaniment.

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