237 [lute-guitar]

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body: wooden body with 1 soundhole; L. 120.0 cm
strings: 10 strings, steel and nylon; 13 frets
tuning: A'-B'-C -D -E -A -d -g -b -d'

A lute guitar with an extended bass register. The back of the resonator is parquetry work in the form of an elongated, curved hemisphere. One peg box is located in the middle of the neck which continues in a leftward curve, ending in another peg box. A metal brace connects the second peg box to the body. There are frets on the fingerboard which extend as far as the body, over which six strings are stretched. A further four low pitched strings extend from the body to the second peg box. The player places the instrument on his right knee, holding it horizontally, and plucks with his right hand.

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