238 mandolera

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body: wooden body with 1 soundhole; L. 95.0 cm
strings: 10 steel strings
tuning: g -d'-a'-e"

The back of the resonator is made of thin strips of wood assembled to form an elongated hemisphere. There is a fretless fingerboard extending the length of the body. The soundboard is made of two pieces, not one. There is a slight crease toward the bottom half, and just above it there is a bridge. There is an oblong soundhole in the top half, and a plate of hard wood is is inlaid in the belly just above the bridge to protect the wood from scratches by the plectrum. Four pegs for the courses. The player places the instrument on his right knee, holding it horizontally. It is played with a pick held in the right hand, and tremolo is a technique often used. Manufactured by the Suzuki Violin Company.

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