343 sheng

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17 bamboo pipes; L. 49 cm
brass wind chamber (sheng dou)
range: b'-e'''; equal temperament
two pipes each for f'' and g'', resp.

Bamboo tubes are inserted into a windchest in a windchest in a circular arrangement. A metal reed is attached to a small length of wooden tube fixed onto the lower end of each pipe. A hole is bored near the base of each pipe; in the case of the third and fourth pipes to the right from the side facing the player, this hole is on the inside surface. The player supports the windchest with both hands, and pushes keys which are connected to each tube. A sound is produceed by blowing and sucking air through the mouthhole. A vibrato effect can be produced by motions of the throat or tongue, and both single pitches as well as chords can be played. The instrument is used as a solo instrument as well as in folk music ensemble styles.

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