by TAKAHASHI, Yuichi

Our collection has been gathered as material for education and research at Tokyo University of the Arts (the former name: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music). Today this collection is one of Japan's largest with about 30,000 art works collected according to this purpose, including 23 works designated as national treasures or important cultural properties. It contains not only art works, but also various objects such as material about artists and works, and reference material for art education, art historyand music.

One of the most important categories is the "Student Works". The Tokyo Fine Arts School (the predecessor of Tokyo University of the Arts / the former name: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) started to collect student works since its foundation. This category includes ordinary works created within the curriculum, and excellent pieces purchased among graduation and postgraduate works.

The well known self-portraits of the oil painting course are included within this category. These collections are requisite to Japanese modern and contemporary art history because these students grew into great masters.