Hirotoshi ITO, 1996
Tankin (Metal Hammering) - The World of Hirotoshi ITO
Session: November 7. (Th.) - 24. (Sun.) 2002
10:00-17:00(entry allowed until 30 minutes before closing.)
Closed: every Monday
Place: Chinnretsukan Gallery of The University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Admission: free

The Department of Metal Hammering and the Department of Art Education will present the posthumous exhibition of Prof. Hirotoshi ITO of Art Education who passed away in December 1998.
Prof. ITO was engaged in education and research for the Departments of Metal Hammering and Art Education for many years. He made great efforts for metal craft education and created many excellent works as metal craft artist mainly in the Japan Fine Art Exhibition.

This exhibition shows his works in his life, focusing on his educational view valuing one's personality cultivated through creating works within art education.

Organized by the Department of Fine Arts and The University Art Museum, Tokyo National Univerisity of Fine Arts and Music

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