National Treasures of Kohfukuji
- From the Temple Revival of the Kamakura Period -
Session: September 18(Sat.) - November 3(Wed.), 2004
Closed on Mondays, except for September 20 and October 11. September 21 and October 12 are closed instead.
Place + Hours: The University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
10:00-17:00(entry by 16:30)
Admission: Admission: Adult 1300yen, Students above junior high school 800yen

Kohfukuji Temple will celebrate the 1300th anniversary of its founding in 2010. The 1300th anniversary of the transfer of the capital to Heijokyo will also be celebrated. This special exhibition is planned as an appeal for reconstruction of Chukondo (Central Main Hall) - the biggest project to commemorate the 1300th anniversary. The exhibit includes great Buddhist statues of the Kamakura period from Kohfukuji Temple including Unkei's masterpieces 'Mujaku-bosatsu' and 'Seshin-bosatu' standing statues (national treasures), mandala paintings inside the halls, paintings produced by the Nanto Buddhist Painters Guild, and works and materials concerning a holy priest Jokei. In addition to these treasures from Kohfukuji Temple, treasures from other temples, shrines, and museums are exhibited. We confirm the cultural significance of the Kohfukuji restoration in the Kamakura period. A model of the Central Main Hall and artifacts from the excavation are also exhibited in order to focus on the present restoration project.

Organized by The University Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music / Kohfukuji Temple / Asahi Shimbun Foundation
Sponsorship by Agency for Cultural Affairs / Nara Prefecture / Nara Prefectural Board of Education
Supported by Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co., Ltd. / Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. / Nara Koujyuen
Cooperation by Advanced System Co., Ltd. / Shoyeido Corp.
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