Session: Sunday 12 December 2004 - Thursday 20 January 2005
Closed on Mondays, and period between 30 December - 3 January
10:00 - 18:00
Place: The Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music University Art Museum, Chinretsukan Gallery
(12-8 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo)
Admission: free

The "Sverre Fehn - architect" exhibition which opens in Tokyo on 12 December, introduces works by the internationally renowned Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn. On this occasion, a symposium on Norwegian architecture will be organized on 11 December, with prominent architects from Norway as guest speakers.

The exhibition focuses on 18 of Sverre Fehn 's works, both realised buildings and projects. Each work is presented with a model and panels consisting of drawings, images, and quotes from Fehn himself. The exhibition is produced by the Norwegian Museum of Architecture (NAM), and was well received in Europe and America before coming to Japan.

The exhibition in Tokyo will continue till January 20. It will be the first among several events marking the centennial anniversary of diplomatic relations between Norway and Japan in 2005.

At the symposium scheduled on 11 December, the director of NAM, Mr. Ulf Gr?nvold and three young talented architects from Norway, - Ms. Kristin Jarmund, Mr. B?rre Skodvin and Mr. Craig Dykers, will speak about contemporary Norwegian architecture, including the work and influence of Sverre Fehn. The symposium is organized in cooperation with a+u, a Japanese publishing firm specialized in architecture. They will feature contemporary Norwegian architecture in their December 2004 issue of a+u magazine subtitled "Norway:Fehn and His Contemporary Legacies".

Organized by: The Norwegian Museum of Architecture (NAM)
Royal Norwegian Embassy
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Produced by: The Norwegian Museum of Architecture (NAM)
In association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
The Scandinavian Architecture and Design Institute of Japan (SADI)
Architectural Institute of Japan
The Japan Institute of Architects (JIA)
Supported by: Maeda Corporation
Takenaka Corporation
Wilh.Wilhelmsen ASA
Scandex Co., Ltd.
Interocean Shipping Corporation
Inquiry: NTT Hello Dial 03-5777-8600

Symposium on Norwegian Architecture

Date/Time: Saturday 11 December 2004, 16:00-19:00
Venue: University auditorium, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Guest speakers from Norway: Mr. Ulf Gronvold (NAM), Mr. Craig Dykers (Snohetta), Ms. Kristin Jarmund, Mr. Borre Skodvin
Admission free
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