Ragusa and Rokuzan: Sculpture of Meiji Era
Part 1: Vincenzo Ragusa and his followers
Part 2: Ogiwara Rokuzan commemorating the 100th memorial
Dates: October 23 (Sat) - December 5 (Sun), 2010
Closed on Monday
Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Entry by 16:30)
Place: The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts 3F

In this exhibition, our museum will focus on two sculptors, Vincenzo RAGUSA (1841-1927) and OGIWARA Rokuzan (Morie, 1879-1910), and will attempt to consider the problems about the skills of sculpturing in the Meiji era.
Italian sculptor Ragusa was invited to the Kobu Bijutsu Gakko (Technical Art School), that was established in 1876. He introduced the techniques of western sculpture for the first time in Japan. He worked vigorously, and constructed the foundation of Japanese modern sculpture until he returned to his country in 1882.
After Ragusa died, in 1933, his wife KIYOHARA Tama donated his works created in Japan and Italy to the Tokyo Fine Art School. These works are very precious to examine the acceptance of western sculpture in the early Meiji era. This exhibition will focus on not only Ragusa’s sculptures but also the art education in the Kobu Bijutsu Gakko.
Meanwhile, in the latter half of Meiji era after Ragusa visited Japan, Rokuzan aimed to be a sculptor since he had seen The Thinker made by Auguste Rodin. He studied at Academy Julian in Paris, and returned to Japan in 1908. He worked for a few years until he died in 1910, and his works brought a fresh trend to the modern sculpture in Japan. Verifying his sculptures, this exhibition will focus on his last work Woman. Furthermore, we will compare the plaster cast with several bronzes, and show the process of casting the bronze from the plaster cast.
This is an exhibition that displays the works of two sculptors representative of Meiji era, though the exhibition consists of two parts. In part 1, Ragusa’s follower’s works will be displayed, also.

Admission: Adult - 600 (500) yen
University / College and high school students - 400 (300) yen
Junior high school student or younger - Free
*Prices in (): advance ticket/group of over 20 people
*Free admission for disabled people (one accompanying guest for each disabled person is admitted free)
Organized by Tokyo University of the Arts
Patronized by: The Sankei Shimbun
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