Materializing Exhibition
Dates: Jun 8 (Sat) - Jun 23 (Sun), 2013
Closed on Monday
Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Entry by 17:00)
Place: The University Art Museum, Chinretsukan-gallery
Admission: free
Organized by Materializing Exhibition
Curated by Taichi SUNAYAMA; Yusuke OONO
Patronized by Mitsuhiro KANADA; Keisuke TOYODA; Shigeru MATSUI; Kazuhiro JO; Shunsuke TAKAO
Senography: Tezzo NISHIZAWA
Stuff: Tomohisa GOCO; Ryu FURUSAWA; Kosuke NAGATA; Masahiro UMABA; Sithammarath VANNAVONG; Tadashi FUKUYAMA; Hiroki MATSUURA
Special Thanks: Tomohiro TACHI; Toshikatsu KIUCHI
Sponsored by Sogo Shikaku; Appli Craft
3DPrinter Collaboration: MSYS
Laser Cutter Collaboration: Yokohama Systems; Torotec Laser Japan
Presenting Sponsor: Tokyo University of the Arts KANADA Structural Design Lab; MIYAGI UNIVERSTY; Tokyo University of the Arts Art Media Center; NOIZ Architects

Systematic approaches, which are often described as “algorithmic” or ”generative”, has become one of the major topics within the contemporary discourses of Architecture/Design/Art.

The methodologies to logically “figure” invisible systems ( i.e. structural or fluid dynamic systems, geometries, [meta] physics ) has critically altered not only processes of design but objects to design themselves, being backed up by spread of digital fabrication technology such as robotic, laser cut and 3D print.

And these technological advancements enabled architects/designers/artists to have all the production processes from “thinking” to “making” fused, bidirectional, looping and seamlessly explicit.

Furthermore, this recent movement has led to a rise of “synesthesia” between those productions beyond each project; a sprout of an aesthetic value for these processes and new “physicality” and “ordinariness” in the contemporary days.

In this exhibition, we call these inter-directional process between information, speculation, fabrication and material as “Materializing”. And we would like to illustrate how architects/designers/artists discloses new “physical” value or “materiality” of their productions through “Materializing”.

By inviting numerous contemporary researches and wroks related to this field of Architecture/Design/Art around the world, we aim to offer an open international platform to share divergent information and knowledge of this cultural movement in order to explore, expand and diversify new worth within it.

Inquiry: NTT Hello Dial: 03-5777-8600 (Japanese Only)

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