AMANO TARO, architectural works "a•ru•be•ki•yo•u•wa"
Dates: May 11(Tue)- May 23(Sun), 2010
Closed on Mondays
Hours: 10:00-17:00 (Entry by 16:30)
Place: The Chinretsukan Gallery of The University Art Museum 2F

In 1952, shortly after World War II, the Japanese architect Taro Amano studied at Taliesin, where Frank Lloyd Wright, renowned for designing the old Imperial Hotel, ran his studio and school. There, Amano learned Wright's philosophy of ‘organic architecture,' which Amano applied to his works after returning to Japan and gaining much support and popularity. Later, in the educational institutions of Kogakuin University and Tokyo University of the Arts, he taught his students the appeal of architecture, while continuously questioning “aru beki you wa,” thus refining his architectural philosophy and style. In essence, Amano's architectural space focuses on respecting the resident's lifestyle, which results in a product with graceful quality. This exhibit follows the architect’s artistic pursuits and achievements through drawings, models, photographs and commentaries. In addition, the Tokyo University of the Arts campus, where this exhibition hall Chinretsukan Gallery is located, also includes Amano's works of the university library, the Painting Building, and the Sculpture Building. Despite the low cost constraints, he has created a space that exhibits strength and richness. By capturing the essence of nature and unifying it with humanity, Amano's architectural philosophy and space hints at the architectural goal of the future.

Admission: Free
Organized by: the Planning Committee of Amano Taro Architectural Works
Co-organized by: Tokyo University of the Arts, department of architecture;
Kogakuin University, department of architecture;
Kogakuin University, department of architecture, alumni association;
Tokyo University of the Arts, department of architecture, alumni association-Shobikai;
Amano Yoshiwara Architects alumni association
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