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Tokyo University of the Arts: Mission and Goals

 Since the founding of its predecessors, Tokyo Fine Arts School and Tokyo Music School, 130 years ago, Tokyo University of the Arts has played a key role in art education and research in Japan by preserving the traditions of Japanese culture and combining them with the ideology and techniques of Western art. Over the course of its history, the university has produced an array of outstanding artists, as well as educators and researchers in artistic fields from secondary to higher education.

 Our mission is to play a key role in further developing the art culture in Japan, while respecting the spirit of freedom and creativity that has existed since the university’s foundation as the only comprehensive national arts university in Japan.

 To achieve this mission, we have identified the following goals:

  • Facilitate art education to the highest global standards and cultivate artists, educators, and researchers in the field of art with superior expertise and a high level of integrity. 
  • Promote the succession of tradition culture and creation of new cultural expression while collaborating with other academic disciplines and art education and research institutions in Japan and overseas.
  • Pursue activities that promote an understanding of the importance of art in creating a spiritually rich and dynamic society and by creating opportunities for citizens to become familiar with art.