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Message From The President

Surely (Kitto 屹度(きっと))

A person’s heart moves and changes.
Those movements and changes become the expression of art.
Some are imperceptible changes and some are movements that can’t be kept bottled up inside.
We have diverse mediums for feeling the expressions of those movements and changes.
Expressions and mediums have been changing over the earth’s long history.
What about a person’s heart?
Has it been changing throughout the earth’s long history, or has it not?
On earth, what is the heart all about?
One thing I can say for sure is that…
Art can move a person’s heart.
in response to the modern-day issues happening in a society full of strange hearts, art may sway people’s hearts and make them beat.
I believe that art can affect the world.
I believe that art exhilarates people.

Arts is zest for living.
I am sure that we can do it.


Katsuhiko Hibino

Tokyo University of the Arts