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Admission, Tuition and Fee

Admission, Tuition and Fee


Class Course (1) (2) (3) (1)+(2)+(3)
Admission Fee Accident Insurance Liability Insurance Student Activity Support  Tuition Fee
Fine Arts Under-graduate
¥338,400  ¥3,300  ¥1,360 ¥30,000 ¥535,800/y
Master’s 1,750 680 10,000 886,630
Doctor’s  2,600  1,020 10,000  887,820
Music Under-graduate 338,400 3,300  1,360 60,000 535,800/y
Master’s  1,750 680 30,000  906,630
Doctor’s  2,600  1,020  877,820
Film and New Media  Master’s 338,400  1,750 680  535,800/y
Doctor’s  2,600  1,020  877,820
Global Arts Master’s 338,400  1,750  680 30,000 ¥535,800/y
Fine Arts, Music, Film and New Media Research  84,600  1,000  340 356,400/y

*(1)+(2) Due at the time of admission procedures 
*(3) 1st Semester : Due in May/2nd Semester: Due in November
*(1)+(2)+(3) Total yearly cost for new students / for the first year

*(a) Undergraduate students of fine arts are required to pay additional ¥90,000 for an ancient art reserch trip.
*(b) Undergraduate students of Japanese painting are required to pay additional ¥175,000 ( i.e. ¥90,000 for an ancient art research trip and ¥85,000 for a sketching trip to Tohoku).

Payment Schedule

*A different timing of payment applies to new research students starting Semester 2. 

For details, check the admission documents mailed to successful applicants after the result announcement.

Waiver/Defferal of Tuition/Admission Fee


  1. Applicants of admission fee waiver/deferral need to complete ahead of the admission procedures the payment of all other fees.
    Fees other than the admission fee are not subject to waiver/deferral.
  2. Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship students are exempted from the admission and tuition fees.
  3. In addition to various fees due at the time of the admission procedures, course materials fee will be required at the time of enrollment.
    A different amount, payment method, transfer destination will apply to each student depending on the faculty/department. 
    For details, check the documents receivable at the time of enrollment.
  4. Contact the accounting section for inquiry regarding tuition fee payment methods to the following E-mail adress.


Admission Fee
Strategic Planning div. Accounting sec.  kaikei-keiri(a)