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Scholarships, Fee Waiver/Defferal


Limited scholarships are available. 
Japanese Goverment (MEXT) scholarships are available for students from overseas.
In addition, there are numerous foundations offering various forms of financial assistance. Information regarding Japanese government scholarships is available from the Japanese embassy in your country of residence.

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Also, there is little chance of obtaining a scholarship from the university. Therefore, all applicants are encouraged to submit sound financial plans and to obtain necessary financial support prior to submitting applications. The university is able to exercise a fee waiver in limited cases.

​More detailed information about the MEXT Scholarship can be found here:

– For more information
Japan Student Services Organaization


Scholarships for Study in Japan

Scholarship for International Students in Japan 2015-2016

Fee Waiver/Defferal

The university’s fee waiver/deferral programs are for the exceptionally high achieving students who are difficult to pay the admission/tuition fees due to economic reasons.  

–  Waiver of Admission Fee 
–  Deferral of Admission Fee
–  Waiver of Tuition Fee
–  Deferral of Tuition Fee

* The fee waiver/deferral programs are regulated by the university’s accounting rules and academic achievement standards.

Admission, Tuition and Fee


Admission Fee Deferral Request Form (Preliminary Application) for FY2024
*Preliminary Application

Admission Fee Waiver and Payment Deferral Application for FY2024
*Admission dates for respective faculties and schools are stated in the documents.

Tuition Waiver and Payment Deferral Application for 2024 Semester1 and Semester2
*The submission dates for respective faculties and schools are stated in the document.


  1. Applicants of admission fee waiver/deferral need to complete ahead of the admission procedures the payment of all other fees.
    Fees other than the admission fee are not subject to waiver/deferral.
  2. Japanese Government (MEXT) scholarship students are exempted from the admission and tuition fees.
  3. In addition to various fees due at the time of the admission procedures, course materials fee will be required at the time of enrollment.
    A different amount, payment method, transfer destination will apply to each student depending on the faculty/department. 
    For details, check the documents receivable at the time of enrollment.
  4. Contact the accounting section for inquiry regarding tuition fee payment methods to the following E-mail adress.


Fee Waiver/Defferal
Student Affairs div. Scholarship sec.  syogaku(a)

Admission Fee
Strategic Planning div. Accounting sec.  kaikei-keiri(a)