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Orchestra Research Section

The members of this orchestra consist mainly of graduates from the department of instrumental music, all of whom are orchestral specialists. The orchestra hosts regular performances representing the results of research and pieces composed by students of the department of composition.

Students from all courses have the opportunity to perform together under student conductorship, giving them the chance to experience performing in an orchestral setting.

Opera Research Section

The university opera section is one of the specialist programs offered by the department of vocal music. Staff and graduate students of the university opera collaborate on research into opera production. Their research culminates in annual public performances. In addition, special stage training is provided for participants.

Center for Music Research

The center comprises the following research facilities: (1) Music Reference Room, which serves as a resource for both staff and students. The room contains reference books, journals and numerous recordings; (2) Listening Room, consists of a comprehensive selection of audio equipment; (3) Acoustics Laboratory, a research facility. Current projects include research into pitch and timbre of the voice and musical instruments, the acoustics of performance space and electronic acoustics; and (4) Koizumi Fumio Memorial Archives, which contains materials relating to the study of ethnomusicology. The archives houses the Koizumi collection of Asian and African musical instruments and a large selection of ethnomusicological reference sources and sound recordings.

Training Center for Foreign Languages and Diction

Established in 1978, the center serves as an all-purpose language center. The center provides tuition for students in foreign languages. Training is also provided for vocal students in areas such as declamation and pronounciation.

The center also provides audio-visual recording facilities for students. Research is conducted into the analysis of language, voice and acoustics. Language classes are given by native speakers on both a group and individual basis.

Non-Degree Performance Course

This is a two-year non-degree course. Small number of students, admitted by entrance examination, are given individual instruction on their chosen instruments or musical genres, including composition, vocal music, piano, organ, string and wind instruments and percussion; traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen, the koto, and the shakuhachi; music of the noh theater and traditional Japanese dance. A certificate is awarded on successful completion of the course.

The Music High School Attached to the Faculty of Music

This high school is affiliated to the Faculty of Music. The school offers a rounded curriculum with an emphasis on music. Specialist music courses, taught mainly by the music faculty staff, include history and theory of music, and musical performance.