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Department/course summary

film_img200901Fostering Advanced Technical Know-How and Artistic Sensibility
Film occupies a core position in the contents industry, which is expected to become a key industry of the 21st century. The aim of the Department of Film Production of the Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, is to foster creators of narrative film works with international potential, and cinematographers with advanced technical know-how and artistic sensibility.

Students of the Department of Film Production have the opportunity to work with the same facilities and equipment that professionals from the film industry are using, and benefit from the experiences and specialized knowledge of a variety of professional filmmakers and producers who function as instructors. In addition, the course is a place for fellow students with the same aspirations to get together.

The school building provides students with an ideal environment for analyzing movies and brushing up the techniques needed to sublimate their own creative work. The door of the Department of Film Production is open to everyone with a serious interest in pursuing a career in the film industry, as this is the best place to start.

Working out a New Film Production System
Japanese film production to date has included methods that are, in both a positive and negative sense, distinctively Japanese. The first and foremost significance of creating curriculums within the institutional frame of a university certainly lies in the point of taking a step back from the actual condition, and approaching things in an objective and systematic manner. In particular, as in most cases only the roles of directors are being emphasized, the minute, production-related work tends to be less valued on an educational level. It is now imperative that we reassess the creative qualities of the technical staff in terms of cinematography, art directing, sound design, editing, music, etc., which is also one of the central tasks of our department.

While the promotion and education systems for art and music, for example, were established already in the early Meiji period (end of the 19th century), the film and video industry has evolved virtually without any connection to educational institutions, which is why the present state of things suggests that it s now rather the educational side that has to learn from the film and video industry. This leads directly to the reason why we must take a new approach to collaboration between businesses and universities.

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film_img200902Curriculum (graduate education and research)
In every specialization, a dedicated teaching is given by experts through seminar classes. Furthermore, in addition to the specialization chosen by the student, there are film screenings of past or currently released movies, and various classes subjects like on film theory and directing, researches on scenario and film music, amongst others.

At the Department of Film production, students of various specialization fields work all year long on film production, sharing a common goal. Focused on films with a drama structure, from short films to feature films, those productions use a very broad range of media standards, to follow the current big wave of change.

The University brings an adapted budget, depending on the scale of the film, while students are in charge of the casting and the choice of the locations, as well as they take care of having all the necessary material and accessories available. Furthermore, they experience professional production situations through internships, and thus build their forthcoming relationship to society after the completion of their studies.

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