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令和5年度前期の学生生活等における注意事項について / COVID-19 Precautions for Semester Ⅰof the 2023 academic year

2023年04月07日 | 全て, 大学全般, 学生生活







(3) マスクの着用について
>> マスク着用の考え方(厚生労働省)
>> マスク着用の依頼(東京藝術大学保健管理センター)

(4) 換気の徹底




②学生食堂の利用は、原則として本学学生、本学教職員、学内店舗事業者に限られていますが、奏楽堂来館者はGEIDAI LIVINGを、大学美術館来館者は藝大食樂部を利用することができます。  




>> 「困ったときは?相談窓口一覧」


〒110-8714 東京都台東区上野公園12-8

COVID-19 Precautions for Semester Ⅰof the 2023 academic year

To All Students,

The following is a summary of the university’s COVID-19 Precautions for SemesterⅠof the 2023 academic year. In addition to this page, please read: 【To Students】The action guidelines and report form for COVID-19. The university’s response may change based on the Japanese government’s latest basic response policy. So, please also check the university’s response guidelines, which are reviewed and updated in accordance with changes in the situation.

1 Measures to prevent infections on campus and in daily life

(1) Careful handwashing, temperature checks and health management
Check your temperature every morning regardless of whether or not you are attending class, and make sure you are feeling well for the day.
If you have a fever, do not come to school, and report to the University. For more information, please refer to “【To Students】The action guidelines and report form for COVID-19” on the university’s website. In order to maintain good health, it is important to get enough sleep and nutrition to prevent your immune system from being weakened. Also, always wash your hands with soap and water, and disinfect your hands with alcohol, not only before entering school or during breaks, but also in your daily life.
※Alcohol disinfectant is available at each building entrance on campus.

(2) Scan your student ID card with card readers at the time of entry and exit
When entering and leaving the campus, please scan your student ID card on the card readers at the guard stations in the Ueno Campus or at the designated location in other campuses.
We ask for your cooperation so that we can respond quickly to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus and protect your safety.
At the Ueno Campus, please be sure to scan your student ID card each time you enter and leave the Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Music campuses.

(3) Use of masks
According to the notice from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the use of masks is not required during education and research activities as of April 1, 2023.
However, in order to avoid Covid-19 infection, please carry your own mask and wear it as needed. Please wear a mask when visiting the Health Care Service Center, as it is a medical facility, as well as during the health checkup on campus.
>> Policy about wearing masks from the Ministry of Health and Welfare (in Japanese)
>> Request for wearing masks from the Health Care Service Center (in Japanese)

(4) Complete ventilation
In lecture rooms, studios, lesson rooms, etc., turn on the ventilation fans to avoid airtight spaces and provide frequent ventilation even during classes.
For example, please open two windows at the same time, or open both the window and the door to the corridor at least once every 30 minutes during classes to ensure thorough ventilation.
If you use air conditioners, please ensure that the air is properly ventilated.
※Each lecture room, studio, lesson room, and laboratory has been measured for proper ventilation, and the number of students who can be accommodated has been communicated to each faculty member.


2 Cafeteria rules during lunchtime

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, plastic partitions are set up on each table at the two cafeterias on Ueno Campus.

Please wait outside when all of the seats are taken.

Please observe the following rules when using the cafeterias.
(1) Please do not enter the cafeterias if you have any of the following symptoms: fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, body temperature about 1 degree higher than usual, symptoms of flu, or poor health (campus entry not permitted with these symptoms.)
(2) Cafeteria use is limited to Tokyo Geidai students, faculty and staff members, and on-campus shop employees. But, as an exception, Sogakudo concert hall visitors are allowed to use GEIDAI LIVING and University Museum visitors are allowed to use the GEIDAI CLUB.
(3) Wash or sanitize your hands before ordering.
(4) Do not place musical instruments or other baggage on tables. (In GEIDAI CLUB, there are no tables for large items.) Please avoid bringing large items.
(5) Do not move tables or chairs from the original positions.
※For Geidai Shokudo on the Toride Campus, follow the local rules.

3 Student clubs and other extracurricular activities

At this time, activities on campus will only be allowed if permitted under the guidelines set by the university. Please check the university’s infectious disease response guidelines (COVID-19 alert levels).

4 What to do when infection is suspected

If you suspect COVID-19 infection, follow “【To Students】The action guidelines and report form for COVID-19”.

5 Consultation Services
There are a number of offices for consultation at the University. Please see this list of contacts (in Japanese) or the Student Guide to Campus Life 2023 (in English) for details.


Student Affairs Division
12-8 Ueno Koen, Taito-ku, Tokyo 1108714