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Curriculum Policy

Faculty of Music

 The Faculty of Music aims to impart in-depth academic knowledge and high-level skills relating to music, and foster outstanding ability for creative work, expression, and research in various musical fields. The Faculty aims to produce individuals who can make solid contributions to society in a musical context.

 The Faculty of Music has established a curriculum that places maximum emphasis on the characteristics of each department. However, the common educational platforms and goals shared by all departments are outlined below: 

  1.  Students acquire specialized and applicable skills, knowledge, and musicianship in their major field of study.
    (major subject skills etc., specialized musicology subjects, project subjects in the Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment)
  2.  Students develop skills relating to their instruments or vocal music that are closely related to their chosen major field of study (minor subject skills, etc.)
  3.  Through experience, students acquire the foundations of musicianship, the ability to read music, and the basic musical language used in Western music (solfege, harmony etc.)
  4. 4. Students acquire the basic knowledge, theory, and skills essential to become music specialists (basic specialized subjects).
  5.  Students develop an extensive foundation in art, history, culture, and society, and are both mentally and physically healthy (liberal arts subjects, health and physical education subjects).
  6.  Students acquire the necessary language skills to understand the cultural environments surrounding music and to communicate with musicians around the world (foreign language subjects).
  7.  Students demonstrate expressive practices in their major field of study by integrating the above skills and abilities into performance, thesis, and/or research (graduation performance, graduation project, graduation thesis, graduation production, and graduation research).