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GPA system

Tokyo University of the Arts has adopted the Grade Point Average (GPA) system, which is an index used for an objective evaluation of a student’s academic progress and achievement. This system is applied to all students enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at Tokyo University of the Arts. (GPAs are not available for graduate students.) GPAs are used for advising and guidance purposes in each department and major. 

【Related regulations】
Guidelines on GPA system at Tokyo University of the Arts
>> Tokyo University of the Arts Regulations

1. How to check GPA
You can find your GPA (GPA per semester and overall cumulative GPA) on the Student Profile page (学生カルテ) of your Campus Plan account (under “Grade Information”).

2. Issuance of transcripts with GPA
If you need documentation of your GPA for your application to an educational institution abroad, for example, transcripts indicating an overall cumulative GPA and its calculation method may be issued. Please ask at the Educational Affairs Section of your faculty. (Transcripts with GPA cannot be printed from a certificate issuing machine.)