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【留学生および元留学生対象】「TURNオリエンテーション」および「TURN活動支援プログラム」参加者募集/ Invitation of the “TURN orientation” and “TURN activity support program” for Current & Former International Student of Geidai

2023年10月30日 | 全て, 大学全般, 学生生活

東京藝術大学 留学生及び元留学生の皆様







日程:第1回 11/14(火)、第2回 12/11(月)の6限(18:20-19:50)
対象:全学の留学生 (来年度に卒業・修了し、母国に帰国予定の学生)
担当教員:畑まりあ(芸術未来研究場 ケア・コミュニケーション領域 共創拠点推進機構 特任助教)

申し込みフォーム: https://forms.gle/pBnsVUjReB2Bm7ch9

支援費用:活動費 50万円
―企画書(2000字/A4. 2枚程度)

・記録費 ほか

スケジュール:公募期間 2023年11月〜2024年1月
       選出 2024年2月
       活動・渡航 2024年4月以降



Invitation of the "TURN orientation” and “TURN activity support program” for Current & Former International Student of Geidai

Dear Current & Former International Student of Geidai 

This is an invitation of the events for current & former International Student of Geidai from Tokyo University of the Arts starting from Tuesday, 14 November, 2023: “TURN orientation” and “TURN activity support program”

TURN is a project aimed to transmit how the earth should be with artists who have various country’s roots facing up to characteristics of each region and with the artists sharing social issues with community residents through arts.
These events, targeting current & former International Student of Geidai, Tokyo University of the Arts will organize “TURN orientation”.

Based on the cases that TURN project has been developing overseas, these events have a purpose of deepening the knowledge of TURN project and also allows attendees to learn necessary keywords and procedures to organize a planning and implementation of a TURN project as an artist.

And then for the attendees of “TURN orientation”, we call for application for “TURN activity support program”. 
This “TURN activity support program” is aimed to support international students graduates of Tokyo University of the Arts, who wish to work on social issues of your home country through arts after you have returned to your home country in taking advantage of insights and experiences of your specialized major and networks across countries. 
After a concrete TURN activity has started, the university intends to organize debriefing sessions and arrange opportunities to exchange opinions.    

 TURN orientation
At the 1st time of TURN orientation, attendees learn the concept of TURN project and its past activities. At the second time, with guests who have participated in a TURN project, we inquire into key words identified through past activities and we discuss a possibility of collaborating with people having different culture, custom and value.

Date:1sttime (Tuesday)14 November, 2nd time (Monday)11 December Ⅵ period(18:20-19:50)
※Former International Student of Geidai who have already returned to their home countries can take online courses.
People who applies to:International students at Geidai, who are expected to graduate or complete a course in the next FY (FY 2024) and to return to its home country from Japan.
Students who studied at our university and graduated (those who are planning to return to their home country or have returned to their home country).
※Possible of attending only at an orientation
※Those who aren’t eligible can also take a lecture
Faculty member:Maria HATA (Project Assistant Professor)
Class format:In person at Ueno campus
Language:Principally in Japanese(if needed, there is supplementary explanation in English and French)

International students who would like to take the programs, please apply for it from the following form below.
Application form:https://forms.gle/pBnsVUjReB2Bm7ch9
* Former International Student of Geidai should apply to [. 【soumu@ml.geidai.ac.jp】 by writing their name, year of graduation, place of return, and whether or not they are taking online courses.

Deadline:Tuesday 7th November, 2023

TURN activity support program
People who applies to : Current & Former International Student of Geidai who take all the courses of “TURN.
※International students who are expected graduate or complete ac course at Geidai in the next FY. and to return toits home country.
Contents:This project supports workshops and exhibitions etc. in which organizers and participants face up to regional issues and problems through arts in collaboration with university, private institution across the differences of handicap, generation, gender, nationality and living environment.
Support:500,000 JPY (activity expenses)
※With regard to the fee of reports and to organize an exhibition are payed separately 
Quota:from1to 2 persons
Selection procedures:Submission of written proposal and budget

―Written proposal (2000 letters/A4 sized  around 2 pages)
・Social issues and problems of your home country and the concept of activity
・Concrete activity contents(region, institution, period etc.)
・Information about the university and institution that you intend to collaborate with in your home country and their letters of approval.
※It is possible to submit a letter or email of expected approval. After an official letter of approval has issued, please submit it in a later date.
・Assumption of making an archives(method, scope of use etc.)

―documents of budget of income and expenditures
・Production cost
・Location fee
・Recording cost and other
※Please note that travel and accommodation fees aren’t included of this support.

Schedule :Application period-  from November 2023 to January 2024
      Decision of recipient-  February, 2024
                      Activity-   After April 2024


If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us.

General Affairs Division