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Admission Policy

Faculty of Music

 The Faculty of Music aims to impart in-depth academic knowledge and high-level skills relating to music, and foster outstanding ability for creative work, expression, and research in various musical fields, and cultivate individuals who can meet the needs of society.
 For more than a century, the Faculty of Music has produced countless talented individuals, including world-class musicians, who have greatly contributed to the cultural development of society.

 The Faculty of Music seeks students who are committed and passionate about music traditions while continually seeking new and creative forms. The departments in the Faculty seek students with the following qualities:

○ Department of Composition:
 Self-motivated, creative students with outstanding musical ability and a solid background in traditional musical language.

○ Department of Vocal Music:
 Students with the skills and intellect to become outstanding vocalists.

○ Department of Instrumental Music, Piano:
 Students with outstanding piano performance skills and strong artistic sensitivity, coupled with a universal interest in music.

○ Department of Instrumental Music, Organ:
 Students with a strong sense of purpose, passion, and commitment to enhance their own talents, and a penchant for organ music.

○ Department of Instrumental Music, String Instruments:
 Students with both outstanding string instrument ability and enthusiasm for musical expression.

○ Department of Instrumental Music, Wind and Percussion:
 Students with both outstanding wind and/or percussion abilities and enthusiasm for musical expression.

○ Department of Instrumental Music, Early Music:
 Students with a strong interest in the structure and history of their instrument of specialization and a promising future as an inspired musical performance artist.

○ Department of Conducting:
 Students with excellent solfege skills, rich and convincing musicianship, and outstanding musical and artistic leadership qualities.

○ Department of Traditional Japanese Music:
 Students who are prepared to conduct extensive musical research, extending beyond their major field of study, to become outstanding performing musicians.

○ Department of Musicology:
 Students, who are deeply moved by music, can appreciate the depth of music, and engage in some form of practice. Students must possess the necessary skills for conducting research, abundant creativity and the ability to think critically. Students must also have a genuine curiosity for academia, culture, and society at large.

○ Department of Musical Creativity and the Environment:
 Students with a strong interest in music, culture, and society, and a desire to pursue innovative, groundbreaking forms of musical art, and create new cultural environments centered on music.