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To promote mutual friendship and to improve the campus life overall under self-governing, as students’ organization, there are a student council for Faculty of Fine Arts and a student association for Faculty of Music.

Cultural Clubs

  Urasenke Sado
Objective: To learn basic manner of Tea Ceremony through training.
To develop a sense of beauty through appreciation utensils.

  Java Gamelan Club
Objective: Play Gamelan, a court music which have been handed down in Java, middle of Indonesia

  Light Music
Objective: Research for light music and to organize live concert.

  Bach Cantata
Objective: To study baroque music and to improve technique through playing the Cantata of Bach.

  Geidai Musical Express
Objective: To train for performing musical.

  Samba Party
Objective: To be more passionate. To make friends beyond the faculty.

  Celtic Music
Objective: To be familiar with Celtic music


  Baroque dance

  Contemporary dance

  Fine Arts

Sports Clubs

  Karate Club
Objective: To develop and strengthen both mentally and physically.

  Rugby Club
Objective: To share the triumphant and deep emotion together.

  Kendo (Japanese fencing) Club
Objective: On MoTo develop and strengthen mentality.

  Alpine Club
Objective: To sustain a lodge (Geidai Alpine Club Kurosawa Hütte) in Nagano prefecture.

  Basket Ball Club
Objective: To participate in games.

  Foot Ball Club
Objective: To win games through gaining technique, develop physical strength and understand tactics through the year.

  Bally Ball Club

  Tennis Club
Objective: To know each other through playing tennis.

  Badminton Club
Objective: To motivate through playing badminton.


  MANTO VIVO (Big Band)
  Bible study
  Horticulture club