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Tokyo University of the Arts Action Plan

 The overarching goal for Tokyo University of the Arts is to play a pivotal role in the development of art and culture in Japan, while respecting the spirit of freedom and creativity that has existed since the university was founded.

 Art ignites our hearts and invokes unbounded love. Guided by the coming of this age of “ignited hearts,” Tokyo University of the Arts has formulated the following action plan in which strategies for education, research, and social contribution are outlined.

 Naturally, a university cannot succeed on the strength of a dream alone. Therefore, we will continue our efforts to contribute to society through art, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground. We will continue to aim to strike a balance between dreams and reality, tradition and innovation. We recognize this as the essence of our mission and intend to pursue this goal with commitment and integrity.

Tokyo University of the Arts Action Plan — Igniting Hearts throughout the World < Rich Sensitivity; Radiant University >

1.Key action points for the implementation of education and research activities to the highest standards, as a comprehensive university of the arts:

  • Play a key role in the advancement of art culture by promoting knowledge of traditional culture and the development of new culture
  •  Honor and cultivate young artists who can contribute to the development of art culture in a global sense
  •  Promote research on aesthetics and art history through academic studies on creative work and performance
  • Promote collaborative research in new interdisciplinary fields
  •  Contribute to the conservation and restoration of Asian cultural assets through technological and human resource development
  •  Promote the development of an Art Knowledge Base at Geidai Art Library as a hub for disseminating art-related information
  •  Implement FD and SD to enhance the vitality of faculty and staff members

2. Key action points for the development of a strategic network of art universities for a new era:

  •  Create new forms of artistic expression through collaborations with other art universities and research institutions in Japan
  •  Convey the power of artistic expression, not only throughout the Asian continent but also to Europe and America

3. Key action points for the promotion of partnerships with external organizations and the ongoing development of education and research:

  • Promote policy regarding culture and art through collaboration with government agencies and partner organizations
  • Strengthen the functions and social contribution of the Public Collaboration Center and establish a base for innovation
  • Promote research of traditional art and performance and joint projects conducted in collaboration with local communities
  • Conduct art promotion activities for school students and adults
  • Promote local revitalization through education and research activities by utilizing the strengths of local communities and the “Geidai Power”

4. Key action points to secure a financial base and further enhance education and research activities:

  • Promote strategic university management by reducing costs and conserving resources through stringent fiscal management
  • Secure stable financial resources, including subsidies for operating expenses, and establish a sustainable financial base with the increase of university income and utilization of the Geidai fund
  • Enhance education and research by securing external funding, such as Grants‐in‐aid for Scientific Research along with other scholarship grants
  • Enhance creative work and research by actively seeking consignment projects and consignment research funds and expanding the income generated through various projects
  • Utilize the Geidai Global Dissemination Project Fund in a systematic and effective manner

5. Key action points to strengthen the university’s management base and promote the education and research environment:

  • Strengthen educational foundations, including support frameworks and guidance systems for students 
  • Improve student services and create a secure campus
  • Promote global environment measures and create a safe and comfortable campus environment

Presidential Policy on University Management

1. Further enhance educational content and pursue innovation while maintaining valuable traditions.
・ Implement professional development programs for educators
・ Improve and maintain the university environment
2. Attempt to raise the social status of students, faculty and staff members at Tokyo University of the Arts as researchers, artists, and administrators.
3. Promote meaningful exchange initiatives with foreign institutions in response to the expansion of our global society.
・ Dissemination of art culture and active promotion of student exchange programs
4. Pursue collaborations with government agencies, municipalities, foundations, and private enterprises.
・ Expand the social role of Tokyo University of the Arts