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Change of the Official Name in English

2014.03.24 | ALL

Our university will change its official English name from “Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (TNUFAM)” to “Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA)” from April 2008.

Our university has been using the English name “Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (TNUFAM)”. The university will change it to “Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA)” from April 1, 2008 onward.

We will change the current structure composed of the existing two faculties (i.e., Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Music) and two graduate schools to a new one which includes the Graduate School of Film and New Media consisting of the Department of Film Production, Department of New Media and Department of Animation. Accordingly, as we become a university of the arts which provides education and research in more varied fields, we will change our current name to the new one which is consistent with the new structure, and is shorter, easier to remember and has a sense of familiarity.

As a general rule, we will terminate the use of the current name (TNUFAM) in official documents at the end of March 2008 and start to use the new one (TUA) from April 1, 2008 onward. However, we may gradually use the new name (TUA) on our envelopes, name cards, and pamphlets even before April 1, 2008.

Please note the following points regarding our official names:

1.  Our official foreign name is written in Roman alphabet as below. It remains unchanged.
2.  We generally add our official English name to the official foreign name (Roman alphabet) as below:
(Tokyo University of the Arts)
3.  The single use of our English name is acceptable.
Tokyo University of the Arts
4.  The abbreviated name of our university is “TUA”.