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GEISAI 2016 – Tokyo University of the Arts Festival 2016 : September 2-4,2016

2016.08.26 | ALL, EVENT, STUDENT

GEISAI2016 - University Festival 2016

GEISAI 2016 - Tokyo University of the Arts Festival 2016

We are pleased to announce that GEISAI2016 ( Tokyo University of the Arts Festival 2016)
On September 2-4, 2016, Tokyo university of the Arts has University festival in Ueno campus. 
I hold various events from a MIKOSHI(a portable shrine) parade from 10:00 on Friday, September 2. I hope you can attend this time.

Thema : Comrades, do you copy?

“Geisai” festival, where art is expressed in diverse forms, each viewer is struck with different emotions. How do yo react to – or even, what do you copy from – the messages and statements we creators we creators convey through our works?

We want every person to react, to ‘copy’ something from “Geisai,” thus the theme “Comrades, do you copy?”
Watch, listen feel, and above all, enjoy the art have prepared for you today.

Ryunosuke Okazaki
Vice Chairperson of Geisai Committee 2016

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Because during the period is more of a large number will be visitors, thank you give us your use of the public transport.
>> Access to Ueno campus


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