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A day of clean-up in our campus (October 27)

2016.11.02 | ALL, EVENT, STUDENT

On Thursday, October 27,  Our university carried out a campus clean-up held.
The purpose of action is improvement of the consciousness of the beautification and the beautification in our campus.

It was an extremely fine day, many people gathered for a leader of president SAWA in UENO campus. Nearly a 180 students and staff came together.

President SAWA called out towards a participant by greetings. “Cleaning, it means clean-up of your mind. Let’s get a good sweat with me! We want to welcome a visitor at a beautiful university.” The participant each took partial responsibility of something. For example, arrangement of abandoned bicycles, removal of the large-size refuse, the cleaning of a dead twig and leaves and so on. For the realization of a clean campus we worked up together.

A day of campus clean-up 2016President SAWA with staff which clean-up activities.

A day of campus clean-up 2016After cleaning, President SAWA with smile.