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Collaborative training agreement concluded with the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

2018.07.13 | ALL

 On April 23, 2018, Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai) concluded a collaborative training agreement (special audition method) with the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra (hereafter “Karajan Academy”) at the Embassy of Japan in Germany with the aim of strategic training of some world-class musicians. The Karajan Academy was established in 1972 by Herbert von Karajan to train the members at the Berliner Philharmoniker, who are recognized as one of the greatest orchestras in the world.
 Such collaboration between a university for musicians and the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra is unprecedented globally.

 This project forms part of a scheme of operational strengthening at our school, which is carried out under the “national university reform initiative” funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Specifically in the field of music, we have implemented the “Early Education Project (EEP)” which, since 2015, has targeted the development of children from across the country with the potential to become great musicians to flourish on the international stage. Moreover, the early talent targeting junior high school students, called the “Tokyo Geidai Junior Academy,” as well as the “Special Soloist Program (SSP),” which commences with the exam for early university entry in the second year of high school, has also been introduced. With this collaboration with the Karajan Academy in place, Tokyo Geidai is now able to offer an integrated training program for artists with world-class potential in a more strategic manner.

 To be more specific, Tokyo Geidai is granted a spot in the Karajan Academy’s violin section to which the university is allowed to send its graduates for two-year training. Candidates will be selected through an audition held every year by the Karajan Academy.

 Full course fees for the Karajan Academy of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and partial travel expenses are covered by a donation by Mr.Tokuji Munetsugu (Curry House CoCo Ichibanya founder and chairman of the Shinomi Yellow Angel). He has been a great advocate for this project.