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Tokyo Geidai COVID-19 Emergency Aid(We cannot accept any application after the deadline.)

2020.05.18 | ALL, STUDENT

To All Students,

Tokyo University of the Arts has decided to offer emergency aid to students who are suffering financial hardship to continue their studies at the university because their income including part-time job payments or the income of the primary person responsible for paying their school-expenses has significantly decreased due to the COVID-19 outbreak.


【Application guidelines for Tokyo Geidai COVID-19 Emergency Aid】

(Who is eligible)
Regular students in the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as Practical Music Course (not including Research Students and non-matriculated students), who are facing financial hardship because the students or the primary person responsible for paying their school-expenses are experiencing a significant decrease in income due to the impact of COVID-19.

・Students who are already receiving any benefit-type scholarship* in the amount of 80,000 JPY or more per month and/or whose sponsors are not experiencing a significant decrease in income are not eligible.
*MEXT scholarship, scholarships by foreign governments, JICA, World Bank, private foundations, etc.
・Student who are currently taking a leave of absence from school as well as students who apply for a leave of absence by June 30 are not eligible.
・JSPS research fellows are not eligible.
・It is possible to receive a tuition fee waiver/deferral in addition to this emergency aid.
・It is possible to receive financial aid under the new support program by JASSO at the same time as this emergency aid.
・It is possible to apply for the Japanese government’s student support program (tentative title) which is expected to be created in the coming month.

(Amount and number of awardees)
50,000 JPY per person (up to 500 students)

(Selection Procedures)
The screening will be conducted based on the contents of the application under the authority of the President.
・Application deadline:             17:00 on Thursday, May 21, 2020
(We cannot accept any application after the deadline.)
・Selection process:                    Application document screening
・Announcement of result: By email (scheduled for end of May)
・Date of provision:                    Scheduled for mid-June

(Documents to prove sudden changes in household income)
Those who are granted this aid must submit the relevant documents described below by post by Monday, June 15, 2020.

<In the case where the income of the primary person responsible for paying the school expenses has decreased>

(1) Record of withholding tax or tax return for the previous year (2019)
(2) Proof showing that the income decreased compared to the previous year (2019) after the outbreak of COVID-19
* For salary income: A copy of retirement certificate or a copy of payslips after the decrease of income
* For self-owned business: A copy of an account book after the decrease of income

<In the case where the income of the student has decreased>
・Proof showing that the income (including part-time job payments) for the last 6 months has decreased
*A copy of payslips, account books, or bank books which show salary payments
*In addition to these above, the University may request to submit other documents to confirm the necessity of its support.

(Refund of the scholarship)
The University will request a refund when recipients fall under any of the following.
(1)If the declaration made in the application is found incorrect or false
(2)If the recipient is under disciplinary action or if it is recognized that the recipient is engaged in an illegal activity which is obviously subject to disciplinary action
(3)If the emergency aid is deemed to be unnecessary
(4)If the recipient did not submit the necessary documents required by the university
(5)If the recipient is allowed to take a leave of absence retrospectively from April 2020

(How to apply)
If you are eligible and wish to apply for the aid, please apply as follows. Submission deadlines are strictly enforced.
(1)Online Application
Please fill in the form from the link below.
Application Period: 8:30, Monday, 18 May 2020 to 17:00, Thursday, 21 May 2020
We cannot accept any application after the deadline.)

(2)Mailing Application
If you can’t apply by online, please send by “simplified registered mail” or “letterpack light (370 JPY)” as follows.

Documents to be submitted: 
a.Application form and statement of reason (PDF)
b.A copy of bankcard, etc. which shows the bank account information such as the account number, branch code, or account name

Address to:
12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8714
“Tokyo Geidai COVID-19 Emergency Aid”
Student Affairs Division
Tokyo University of the Arts

*It must be postmarked by Thursday, May 21, 2020


“Tokyo Geidai COVID-19 Emergency Aid”,
Student Affairs Division
Tokyo University of the Arts
Email: 2020syogaku(at)
*Please include your student ID number in the title of your email
*Please note that we may take time to respond to your inquiries.