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Request for cooperation regarding COVID-19

2020.03.06 | ALL, STUDENT

To all members of Tokyo University of the Arts:


In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the university has been taking various measures as necessary thus far. Given the circumstances of the current outbreak, we urge everyone to respond appropriately in accordance with the guidelines below to ensure the health and safety of the entire campus community.


1.Health self-monitoring

It goes without saying that staying in good health is the key to protecting yourself from the virus. Check your health daily by taking your body temperature, for example.


2.Stay-home policy

If you have a common cold symptom or a fever of 37.5°C or higher, please stay home.

It is recommended that each person stores up on food and other supplies they will need for a two-week period.

Faculty and staff members should follow the instructions provided in the notice dated February 26, 2020.



According to the findings of an analysis of confirmed COVID-19 cases so far, there is a higher risk of spreading the virus when people gather and talk next to each other for a certain amount of time in crowded places where ventilation is poor.

Organizers of university events should be mindful of this risk and reconsider the necessity of holding such events as originally scheduled, while taking into account the natures of the venues. If it is not possible to cancel, take necessary measures to reduce the risks of spreading the virus.

(Example of a preventive action)
Instruct participants to wash their hands, place an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, ask people with cold-like symptoms not to attend, ventilate the venue frequently, limit participants, keep a distance between each participant, etc.

(Points to remember when considering the necessity of holding an event)
Please visit the website of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government where helpful guidelines can be found:


4.Risk awareness

Now is the critical time to bring the outbreak under control as early as possible. It is important that you avoid behaviors that can fuel the spread of the virus, such as non-essential travels (both personal and business) and going to crowded places.


5.Returning from affected regions

Those who traveled to a country for which the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a Level 2 or higher travel advisory (Avoid unnecessary travel) are asked to stay home for two weeks after returning from the country and monitor their health.


6.Travel restrictions

The situations abroad are constantly changing and unclear. We encourage all to avoid non-essential travels (both personal and business), as you may be affected by immigration restrictions (mandatory isolation, flight cancellation, etc.).

If you are an international student and are in a special circumstance, such as being instructed to return home, please contact the International Affairs Division at