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【IMPORTANT】 Notice related to the State of Emergency

2020.04.13 | ALL, STUDENT

To All Students

On April 8, the Japanese government declared a state of emergency.
To comply with the requests included in the declaration, Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) will close all campus premises including its administrative offices from Wednesday, April 8 through Wednesday, May 6.
During the state of emergency, please note the following and act accordingly.


1.Please keep in mind the purport of the emergency declaration and the prefectural governments’ requests for staying at home as much as possible, and act accordingly. Going to part-time work is also strongly discouraged.

2.As a rule, all TUA campuses will be off limits and all facilities will be unavailable for any use.

3.All TUA’s administrative offices will be closed.
No staff will be in the offices or answer the phone. Any queries will be answered via email.
*Please see “7. TUA contact information.”

4.At present, universities are scheduled to re-open on Thursday, May 7.

5.Certificate will be issued and mailed to you only when you urgently need them.
It takes two weeks from the request date to issue a certificate of any type.
Please click the following link for how to have a certificate mailed to you: Issue of a Certificate

6.Communications from TUA
・Any emergency communications and any changes to communications that have been sent out will be posted on the TUA website and emailed to you.
・The TUA administration may contact you individually by email or phone when your urgent action to go through some procedure such as application for a scholarship loan; communications regarding practical training, including teaching practice and nursing care is requested.

7.TUA contact information
<Academic Affairs for Faculties/Graduate Schools>
>>Faculty of Fine Arts / Graduate School of Fine Arts *The web page shows the schedule and contact information.
>>Faculty of Music / Graduate School of Music *The web page shows the schedule and contact information.
・Graduate School of Film and New Media:
・Graduate School of Global Arts:

<For specific procedures>
・Applications for scholarship loans offered by organizations in Japan or for a tuition waiver:
・Scholarship loans available to applicants for study abroad programs or to international students:
・Schedules of, preparations for, and guidance on practical training including teaching practice and nursing care>> Guidelines and contact information
・Other urgent matters:

<Please note the following before you make any queries.>
・During the closure of the university, nonessential queries and phone calls will be unanswered. Please contact the staff members via email if you have any urgent queries.
Please also note that depending on your demand, we cannot fulfil it, or it may take some time to respond to you.
・Frequently asked question may not be answered individually. Please check the TUA website constantly to find information.

8.If you are receiving any services provided by Student Services or the Special Student Support Office, the staff in charge will contact you privately.
New requests for services will be accepted via email only when they are urgent.
>>Student Services
>>Special Student Support Office

9.Career Counseling will suspend its services during the closure of university.
Requests for counseling will be accepted via email only when they are urgent:

10.If you are receiving any services provided by the Health Care Service Center, the staff in charge will contact you privately.
Phone counseling will be provided if you are in urgent need.


◯ While staying home, please read information about student life and prepare for course enrollment and the classes you will be attending.

~~Links to important information and other notes~~

◎Information about student life and courses

・Schedule for the academic year: >>Academic Calendar
・General information about student life: >>AY2020 Student Handbook
・Information about courses:
>>Schedule of Classes

・About CampusPlan
Please complete your course enrollment and check your grades on CampusPlan. Type your TUA account name (the letters before “@” in your TUA email address) and password to sign in. Click the link below to learn how to use the system:
>>About CampusPlan

・About your TUA account (email account provided by TUA):>> User Guide
TUA sends out email notices to all TUA email addresses (email addresses provided by TUA). Please regularly check your email because important notices are delivered to your TUA address.
You may also change your settings so that emails sent to your TUA addresses will be forwarded to your personal email address:
>>How to forward emails

・If you are not yet prepared to check your TUA account and email address, please be sure to check updates on the TUA website. (Notices to all students, faculty and staff are not sent to personal email addresses.)

Note: TUA email addresses are provided only for students enrolled in the undergraduate, master’s, or doctorate programs or special courses. TUA email addresses are not provide to research students including MEXT research students and credited auditors such as exchange students . These students and auditors such as exchange students receive notices from TUA at email addresses which they registered to the university. Some of our Graduate Schools are sending TUA account information later. Once you receive your information, you can sign in CampusPlan to check information.



The novel coronavirus-related situations change day by day. TUA needs to adjust its schedule according to the latest decisions by the national or local government.

TUA may also decide on its own policy as a university to adapt to the unpredictable situation. Please check the TUA website daily for any updates: >>TUA website


Please follow the instructions provided on the web page below while the school is closed: >>【Overview】 TUA’s Decisions and Actions related to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak