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COVID-19 Precautions for Semester 2

2020.10.06 | ALL, STUDENT

To All students,

1 Measures to prevent infections on campus and daily life

(1)  Careful hand washing, temperature check and health management
Be sure to check your temperature every morning regardless of whether or not you are attending class, and make sure you are feeling well for the day.
If you have a fever, do not come to school, but report to the University. For more information, please refer to “【To Students】The action guidelines and report form for COVID-19“on the university’s website. In order to maintain good health, it is important to take enough sleep and nutrition to prevent your immune system from being weakened. Also, always wash your hands with soap and water, and disinfect your hands with alcohol, not only before entering school or during breaks, but also in your daily life.
※   Alcohol disinfectant is available at each entrance of the building on campus.

(2)  Scanning your ID with card readers at the time of entry and exit
When entering and leaving the campus, please make sure to scan your student ID card on the card readers at the guard stations on Ueno Campus or at the designated location on other campuses.
We ask for your cooperation so that we can respond quickly to prevent the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on campus and protect your safety.
At Ueno Campus, please be sure to do so each time you travel between campuses and between the buildings of the administration office, the Faculty of Music and the Faculty of Fine Arts.
※   Students of the Toride Campus should follow the local rules.

(3)  Use of masks when talking or speaking in close proximity to others
Be sure to bring your own mask and wear it at all times, except in cases when it is not possible to wear it due to the course content.
In particular, students should thoroughly wear masks in classes where discussions are held in close range to avoid droplets.

(4)  Complete ventilation
In the lecture rooms, studios, lesson rooms, etc., be sure to turn on the ventilation fans to avoid airtight spaces and provide frequent ventilation even during classes.
For example, please open two windows at the same time, or open both the window and the door to the corridor at least once every 30 minutes during classes to ensure thorough ventilation.
If you use air conditioners, please ensure that the air is properly ventilated.
※   Each lecture room, studio, lesson room, and laboratory has been measured for proper ventilation, and the number of students who can be accommodated has been notified to each faculty member.

(5) After classes
After attending in-person or online classes on campus, students should return home as soon as possible to prevent the spread of infection.

2 Cafeteria rules during lunchtime

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, the two school cafeterias on Ueno Campus have reduced the number of seats drastically.
Oura: from 130 to 55
Castle: from 320 to 82 (27 in 1st Floor dining space, 17 in tea room, and 38 in 2nd floor gallery space)
You need to wait outside when these seats are taken.
Please follow the following rules when using the cafeterias.
1.    Please do not enter the cafeterias if you have the following symptoms: fever of 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, body temperature about 1 degree higher than usual, symptoms of flu, and feeling unwell. You may not enter the campus if you have these symptoms in the first place.
2.    Only Tokyo Geidai students, faculty and staff members, and on-campus shops employees are allowed to use the cafeterias.
3.    Wash or sanitize your hands before ordering.
4.    When waiting in line, keep 1.5 meters apart and do not talk with those around you.
5.    Bringing food from outside is prohibited. This includes Oura and Castle’s takeout dishes and food bought at convenience stores and food tracks.
6.    Do not place your luggage including music instruments on tables. (In Oura, there are no tables for luggage. In Castle, a small luggage can be placed on the seats designated for luggage) Please try not to bring a large luggage.
7.    All seats are numbered. Please keep a record of your seat number along with the date and time.
8.    Do not move tables and chairs from the original positions. (Be aware of social distancing.)
9.    Do not use or move unused tables and chairs.
10.  Please do not engage in conversation.
11.  Activities other than eating are prohibited. This include working on computers, studying, reading and chatting.
12.  Please leave promptly after finishing your meal.
13.  To avoid crowds, please consider bringing your own food and eating in the designated areas such as classrooms. (Keep distance and be careful when talking. Also be sure to ventilate the space.)
※   For Geidai Shokudo on Toride Campus, follow the local rules.

3 Student clubs and other extracurricular activities

(1)  Approved activities
The University allows the following student activities, provided students follow the rules and guidelines described above.
A.   Activities that are free from COVID-19 infection risk (e.g. online activities)
B.   Activities under the guidance of Geidai faculty members on site (provided faculty members give guidance on preventive measures against COVID-19)
C.   Activities that are approved as safe by the Student Affairs Division (activities that take place in an area/facility unapproved by its management department are not allowed)
Student groups that carry out above A, B, or C activities must submit a “Request form for extracurricular activities” and “participant list” to the Extracurricular Support Section, Student Affairs Division.
The Student Affairs Division approves or disapproves based on the information on the request form.

(2)  Prohibited activities
A.   Sports clubs (However, activities that meet the criteria of A and B in the section (1) above are approved)
B.   Activities that take place in areas and facilities where their management departments prohibit its use
C.   Activities that take place in the University Hall and club rooms in the Gymnasium
D.   Activities that take place outside the University campuses 

4 What to do when infection is suspected

In case you suspect infection with COVIC-19, follow “【To Students】The action guidelines and report form for COVID-19”.

5 Consultation Services

There are a number of offices for consultation at the University. Please see this list of contacts (in Japanese) or Student Handbook 2020 (in English) for details.