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Exceptions to permit student access during the campus closure related to COVID-19

2020.03.10 | ALL, STUDENT

To all students:


During the period of campus closure related to COVID-19 (Ueno Campus: March 14 – March 31 / Other campuses: March 9 – March 31).  Students are not allowed to access any campus buildings during the period between April 1 and April 19. This period may be extended according to the situation in Tokyo. [Updated March. 27]

Exceptions to permit access to campus facilities during the period of campus closure will be made for students in special circumstances, such as those who need to use the university library or attend a university event.
If you need to come to campus during this period, please observe the following rules.

・Take preventive measures (wear a face mask, use an alcohol-based sanitizer, wash your hands, etc.) when coming to campus, and go home as soon as the errands are done.
・Stop by the gatehouse and sign-in before entering the Ueno campus.
・Not Allowed: Use of campus facilities for individual activities such as artwork making, musical practicing, or extracurricular activities.


Examples of special circumstances:

・You need to attend a class or other official events organized by the university.
・You are instructed to come to campus by a member of staff or faculty for administrative procedures.
・You have an appointment with the university’s Health Care Service Center or student/career counselor. (You may make a new appointment.)
・You need to complete the procedures for enrollment fee and/or tuition fee waiver, or scholarship payment (including signing in to confirm attendance).  
・You need to pick up or file an application for a certificate.
・You need to go to the university library to borrow or return any books (see the library’s website).
・You need to pick up or move your artwork created for the graduation exhibition or for a class assignment.
・You need to bring home a course material, instrument, or other personal items left on campus.
・You have a job on campus for which the university has granted approval.
・Other circumstances approved by staff or faculty.