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Information regarding classes for June and the rest of Spring Semester 2020

2020.06.09 | ALL, STUDENT

To All Students,


The following is information regarding classes for June and the rest of Spring Semester 2020.

1. In principle, all campuses (Ueno, Yokohama, Toride, and Senju) remain closed. This is subject to change. No one is allowed to access any campus premises until further notice.

2. Classes are offered online during Spring Semester 2020 (until the end of September) in principle.
Check the links below for information on remote classes.
>> Timeline and Preparation for Online Classes
>> Campus Plan

3. Extension of due date for tuition fee payment for Spring Semester 2020
As an exception for this year, the bank transfer date of tuition fee payment for all students has been changed from the end of May to the end of July. Please arrange for funds to be debited from the registered account by the designated date in July.
>> Information on bank transfer of tuition fee for Spring Semester 2020 (automatic withdrawal)

4. Treatment for leave of absence from school (Only for regular students in the undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as Practical Music Course)
Due to the extension of campus closure, we will accept the applications for leave of absence as follows. It is accepted only if your academic advisor approves your leave in advance.
Application deadline: Tuesday, June 30, 2020
*Students are allowed to take a leave of absence retroactively as of April 1 (for half a year or one year)
For more information on how to apply, please check the links below.
>>Fine Arts
Film and New Media: eizo.kyomu(at)
Global Arts: kyomu.senju(at)

5. To those who need financial support due to the COVID-19 outbreak
Please check here for the Emergency Student Support Program for “Continuing Education” by the Japanese Government.
Please check the links below for the existing support programs.
・JASSO: grant-type/loan-based (only for students whose household income has decreased significantly. Japanese citizens and permanent residents are only eligible to apply)
・Other scholarship programs by foundations: Some organizations have extended their application periods.
>>Local public organization or foundation scholarship programs etc.

6. Administrative offices
All administrative offices operate on a reduced scale. Please contact via email if you have any inquiries.
*Please refer to “10. Contact list” below.

7. Issuance of certificates
It is processed by postal mail only if there is an urgent need. It takes 2 weeks for any type of certificates to be issued after we receive the application.
Check the link below for how to apply by postal mail
>>Issuance of certificates

8. Clubs and group activities
All activities must be cancelled or postponed.

9. Contact from the university
The university notifies students of emergency measures and any change of measures via the university website and email.
If any urgent action is required (for matters such as scholarship application, teachers’ training, etc.), the university emails individually to the relevant students.
Since the situation related to the COVID-19 is changing day by day, the university may change its schedule according to the measures taken by the government and municipality. Please check the university website every day so that you can follow any sudden change in the university’s decision.

10. Contact list
>> link

<Contact list for specific matters>
Scholarship for Japanese students and waiver/deferral of tuition fee >> syogaku(at)
Scholarship for studying abroad and international students>> intl-tua(at)
Guidance on teaching practice and care practice>> 案内・問合わせ先
Geishin-Ryo Residence, club activities, geisai>> kagai(at)
Other urgent matters>> gakusei-soumu(at)

<Note: when you make inquiries>
We can’t respond to inquiries that do not require immediate attention and telephone inquiries during school closure. For urgent matters, please contact by email. However, please note that we may be unable to respond or take time to respond depending on the nature of the inquiry.
Answers to questions frequently asked by students will be posted on the university website.

11. We accept new requests for consultation in the Student Counseling Room/Student Accessibility Service Office. Please contact us by email.
>> Student Counseling Room
>> Student Accessibility Service Office

12. We accept new requests for consultation regarding career support. Please contact us by email. >> syusyoku (at)

13. The Health Care Service Center will be in touch with the person for ongoing consultation. If you have any urgent request for consultation, contact the Center via phone.


・Information about student life and classes
>>Academic Calendar
Student life >> Student Guide to Campus Life 2020

・Information about classes

・About Campus Plan
To register for courses and review your grades, you need to log-in the Campus Plan, which requires your Geidai account (left side of @ of and password. Please check how to use the Campus Plan from the link below.
>>Guidance on CampusPlan

・About Geidai email address >>Use of Geidai account

All important notifications from the university are sent to Geidai email addresses as well as posted on its website. So, please check your inbox and the university website regularly.

However, non-degree students are not provided with Geidai email addresses (their Geidai accounts do NOT have email functionality even though they look like email addresses). They should register their personal email addresses with the university through the link below so that they don’t miss out on important information. Once registration is complete, notifications will be sent to the email address on file with the university.