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個人情報の取扱いについて / Treatment of Your Personal Data

The personal information provided at the time of application, or during your study at the University, will only be used for the following purposes. Otherwise, it will be kept confidential and not disclosed to unauthorized third parties without your consent. Upon request of a student in person, we will revise, change, or suspend his or her personal data.

1.利用目的 / Purposes of Use

① 学籍管理、学籍異動管理、健康管理、奨学金管理 / To administer student registration, students’ healthcare, scholarship management
② 履修登録、成績管理、授業運営 / Course registration, academic results management, class administration
③ 大学、大学院等の学内進学、卒業後の進路に関する情報管理 / To manage information on internal admission to the undergraduate or graduate school or careers after graduation
④ 学生証、各種証明書の発行 / To issue student identification cards, or various certificates
⑤ 学費情報管理、口座情報管理 / To manage tuition and account information
⑥ 学納金免除等に関する情報管理 / To manage information regarding tuition exemption
⑦ 学生生活・課外活動支援 / To provide assistance in students’ school life and external activities
⑧ 就職関係情報の作成、管理 / To make and manage job-related information
⑨ 学内施設・設備の利用管理、防犯カメラの設置による映像情報管理 / To administer school facility and equipment. Managing images from security camera data.
⑩ 図書館利用情報管理 / To manage students’ library records
⑪ 成績通知書の保証人への送付 / To send the score certificate to the guarantor
⑫ 保証人との成績、履修相談 / Consultation with the guarantor on the student’s results or course selection
⑬ 大学・学校の広報誌、催し物案内、募金依頼関係の案内 / To announce school information such as school magazines, campus events, or fund-raising
⑭ 卒業後の各種案内送付 / To send various information and announcements to graduates
⑮ 学術交流協定などによる協定大学への情報提供 / To provide information to partner universities based on academic exchange agreements

2.第三者への個人情報の提供について / Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

本学が取得した個人情報は,「独立行政法人等の保有する個人情報の保護に関する法律」第9 条に規定されている場合を除き,本人の同意を得ることなく他の目的で利用又は第三者に提供することはありません。ただし,次の場合必要最低限の情報を提供することがあります。
We will not use any personal data for a purpose not stated in “Treatment of Your Personal Data”, nor do we provide them to a third party without the consent of the student unless it falls within the Article 9 of “the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc.” However, in the following cases, we may disclose the minimum necessary information.

(1) 上記1.①~⑮の個人情報を取扱う業務を,個人情報の適切な取扱いに関する契約を締結したうえで,外部の事業者に委託する場合 / We may outsource work that includes handling personal data in ① to ⑮ to outside third parties with a proper contract agreement on the protection of personal data.

(2) 本人の利益となる次の学外関係者に情報提供する場合 / We may provide information to the following external interested parties only if it benefits the student.

① 音楽教育振興会(音楽学部の教育研究,学生の課外活動などを支援するための学生の父母により組織される会) / Music Education Promotion Society — organized by students’ parents to support educational study of the music department or students’ external activities.
② 杜の会(美術学部同窓会) / Morinokai — the art department’s alumni association
③ 同声会(音楽学部同窓会) / Doseikai — the music department’s alumni association
④ 東京藝術大学生活協同組合 / Tokyo University of the Arts Co-operative Associations